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How much does the Carnivore meal plan cost?

The price of the plan starts from $29.90, depending on selected criteria. Discounts may apply for loyal customers or seasonal offers.

What do I pay for?

Our meal plans are personalized and created according to your specific preferences by a team of nutritionists. You get a meal plan for following a carnivore diet, including recipes, personal summary, including calorie count, and professional advice for achieving your personal goal.

How can I get a refund?

If you want to cancel your meal plan, you can apply for a refund within 7 days and get a partial refund by contacting our customer support at You’ll need to provide information on why the diet plan has not met the product description or your expectation, and attach a payment receipt.


What does my plan include?

Your meal plan is strictly individual and created based on your answers in the questionnaire. You will get a list of recipes to follow a carnivore diet for 28 days, a list of ingredients and detailed information, such as calorie intake for each meal. If you click on the recipes, you will find the instructions on how to prepare meals and all the macros information. Additionally, you will get zero-carb dessert recipes.

Do I get a digital or physical version of my plan?

You will get a 28-day carnivore diet meal plan in a digital form. You can access your meal plan online from your computer or phone. We do not send any physical meal plans. However, you have the option to print your entire plan in a physical form.

Are these recipes for one person?

Each recipe is a single serving as it is tailored to your specific consumption needs and preferences.


The Carnivore Diet is a diet that only includes animal foods, like meat, fish, eggs and dairy products. It supports the belief that animal foods represent the best source of nutrients for humans without any plant toxins, we are ready to dive into what to eat on a carnivore diet.

Is a Carnivore Diet safe?

You bet it is! Your ancestors have been eating animals for the entirety of human evolution, beginning approximately 4 million years ago when Australopithecus began walking more upright and hunting animals. There’s a pretty strong argument to be made that it was the hunting of animals that allowed our brains to grow in size and complexity in the years that followed. Analyses of 80,000 year old collagen samples from neanderthals and homo sapiens show that these humans were carnivores, possessing stable nitrogen isotope levels in bones that were greater than other carnivorous animals, like Hyenas. This suggests that our recent ancestors were eating animals, lots of animals. One of the little known facts about animal foods is that they DO contain vitamin C. Fresh meat is known to cure scurvy. Rest assured that eating animals nose-to-tail (as I describe below) will provide plenty of vitamin C, and will not hurt your kidneys, liver, or heart.

How fast will I be losing weight on a carnivore diet?

Everyone’s body and health habits are different, which means the weight loss rate for each person is different too. For example, someone with a slow metabolism and a lot of fat tissue who doesn’t exercise enough will take longer to see weight loss compared to someone with a normal metabolism who’s slightly overweight and starts exercising four to five times a week along with doing keto.

Typically, in the first week of the carnivore diet people see a very quick drop in weight—anywhere from a few pounds to as much as ten! That’s because, at first, keto makes your body release a lot of water weight (not fat) due to your lower carb intake.

What should be the gap between each meal on my meal plan?

The gap between each meal is three to four hours.

What should I drink on a carnivore diet?

Water is perfect and includes zero carbs. Coffee and tea (without sugar, of course) are good options, as well. A glass of wine is also fine to drink on special occasions.